15 to an 18?

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Justin braaapp

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currently I have a single 15 fi sp4 and might have chance to trade for a single sp4 18. my question is how much more can one 18 get down than a 15 and would it even be worth the trouble of building a new box and everything? Will it even be an audible difference? I really don't care about numbers I just want it to be louder to the ear. I have a nendo 3500 to power it. Or I can always buy a second 15 and wire them to half ohm in my nendo but im not sure. Thanks for the help!

Given the increase in cone surface area, the move from a 15 to an 18 will definitely be audible. Even if the 18 is in a box that is ample for a 15 but small for an 18, it will still likely outperform it. And, the 18 will likely have a resonant frequency of 2 to 3 Hz lower. However, these are generalizations; I don't have any of the specifics on these drivers.

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