fi car audio

  1. nickscassera

    COMPLETED 7K Watt RMS (3500W ea) 2 12 in FI Car Audio SP4 V2 D1 Fully Loaded (Omega Coils, Extra Spider, etc) for SALE or TRADE

    These are MINT! Hardly used and fully loaded, I attempted to run these and my car could not supply the proper power in it's current configuration. After looking at my options it's unfortunately not in my budget to make the upgrades I need to run these beasts. 4 inch omega coils, hybrid...
  2. H

    COMPLETED Fi Car Audio Q15 w/ Sealed Enclosure - $400

    15 inch Fi Car Audio Q15 Subwoofer in 2.6 cu ft, sealed, wooden Ground-Shaker box. Dimensions are approximately 16.5x19.5x20.5 and it weighs probably around 40 lbs total. The Fi Car Audio Q series was geared towards sound quality, and this thing put out really good volume to go with it. Served...
  3. Ace87

    Fi Q 10" clicking sound at high excursion on low bass 25-30hz?

    I have a 10" Fi Q in a sealed 1.1net cuft enclosure. At high excursion near full tilt it makes a clicking or slapping sound on some notes with lower bass in roughly the 25-30 hz range, which sounds I guess similar to like tinsel leads slapping? As a reference, I will say that I've heard what...
  4. Kingyperson

    Need help with Fi ssd big box.

    New guy here! I am buying a 1993 dodge minivan and taking out the back seat to put in a box. As of this point and time I have one Fi ssd and plan on purchasing another around tax time. Furthermore I intend to purchase two more after replacing the alternator/adding another (this is all a lofty...
  5. Sketchup

    What options for Fi BL 15

    Configure Speaker: Ohm: Hyper Pole: Cooling: Flatwind: Daily or SPL: Universal: Dustcap: Internal Lead: What options would I need to get? I know for sure that I would get it at 2 ohm.
  6. emilimo701

    Fi Q T/S parameters

    just wondering the average specs for the Q subwoofers with the high qts option. My email to them got bounced back telling me to go away unless I had an order or recone issue.
  7. Why So Cereal?

    NEED HELP FAST!!! 18" FI Q vs FI BL vs RE SX

    ok heres the deal....right now i have 2 12" kicker cvrs in a ported box (tuned at around 32-30hz) off a kicker zx750.1 amp that puts out about 950 rms @ 2 ohms all in a scion tc The subs get pretty loud but IMO SUUUUUUUUUUUUCK at that really low bass that I love! plus i am just sick of the...
  8. S

    Subwoofer help

    I used to have an old Fi Btl on 18800 watts rms and handled it fine could have taken way more. Recently sold it and am looking to get either the new 2010 Btl N2 version or the PSI custom subwoofers. I want a 3000 watt rms amp mabe a sundown saz 3000 but am not sure if a fully loaded Btl will...