1. Only The Best

    Sound deadener 1969 camaro choice

    So I have just pulled out all of the carpet in my 1969 camaro and I'm going to grind the metal to clean it all off and put new carpet in along with fiberglassing a new console and doors to accommodate the system that I am going to install in it which will include 2 4" speakers, tweeters, 5 1/4"...
  2. E

    Dynamat alternatives? and sound deadening questions

    I recently totaled my vehicle so its time for a new system, im still a poor college student but it have high standards when it comes to sound. I want to put some sound dampening in my 06 ford escape. Do I have to mat everything to be effective? If I just get a pair of doors done will it help or...
  3. cooper1123

    Wtb sound deadener!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I need around 50 sq. feet of deadener must be all the same stuff (no bits and pieces of different products) Either 60 or 80 mil...I dont care Preferably audiotechix, fat mat, knu, dynamat.... or any other good deadener company Either comment or Pm me your best price shipped to 45368 and what...
  4. B

    Advice on how to stop the trunk rattling

    It's mainly the trunk lid. I applied dynamat twice and foam and it only helped about 50%. Any ideas on how to make the trunk lid stop rattling.
  5. P

    Speakers to replace the C2s

    Hey guys, I have a Clarion touchscreen headunit, and a 90W RMS X4 amp powering my JL C2 speakers. I have found that the speakers are starting to get a bit scratchy in the higher frequencies. I am guessing that I am overpowering them a bit too much and maybe have cooked them. Anyway, I was...
  6. J

    Dynamat single, double, or triple layer make a difference? And where to put it?

    Hello, I just purchased the dynamat bulk pack which has tons of dynamat in it. I have heard mixed things about using multiple layers. The guy at the audio shop said that it is a waste to put more than 1 layer. Is this true? I have enough for 2 or 3 layers in the trunk. I am using it for...
  7. dsc09602


    Gutting the Acura and installing new seats,interior and sound system
  8. Roush F150 Door

    Roush F150 Door

    My Passenger Door Dynamated!
  9. The part of my dynamat you can actually see

    The part of my dynamat you can actually see

    This is really the only part of my dynamat installation that is visible. It made a big difference once I put this in. Coated my whole trunk with it.
  10. Raamat


    I covered the back window of the Tundra insideand out and all the corners/sides. It really reduced the vibrations!
  11. 07driversdoordynamat01


  12. Dynamat bottom covering for sub

    Dynamat bottom covering for sub