deep bass

  1. I

    suggestions/advice on upgrade

    at the moment i have 2 jl 12w3's on an alpine m110, alpine type r components on a rf prime 600 4 ch with a pioneer avhx5700 head unit. i had these memphis 6x9s that were dirt cheap because i didn't think for a second the components alone could handle the front stage--i was wrong. the 6x9's...
  2. E

    Sound System Upgrade: Help picking out subwoofer/amp (*expert advice appreciated*)

    hey guys so I'm looking to upgrade my stock system, for starters, I'm looking for either 2 10's or 1 12 for a sub(advice on which would be better?). Next, for the amp, I would cater to the subwoofers power need, but I'd like to keep the wattage at a level where I would not have to upgrade my...
  3. Why So Cereal?

    Sub keeps bottoming out

    ok so i have a FI Q 18" (fully loaded) off a cadence dakota 1200x1 rms amp. on certain songs and after played for a while, the sub will bottom out on certain songs. (i was told that weird noise was bottoming out) ive searched n searched but all the ones i found were discussing ports...i have a...