1. Chris Gerrish

    Damaged alpine type r

    Hi so I’m looking into buying these type r from marketplace it’s a pretty good deal but only cause there’s damage to them. Says there’s chips and this is the only pic I have at the moment but looks like a hole. If it’s a hole are they still worth buying? And if that’s just cosmetic damage but...
  2. J

    Will it damage the speakers if You had your windows fully down....

    I was driving with the driver side windows fully down about 10-20mph and the opposite of the road there was a road worker who was using a pressure washer to clean the roads and I could say the air looked misty(water) or spray effect so I drove past a misty(water) area but I am worried if it...
  3. J

    If you had your music playing in your car and passenger closes the car door, does it

    Lets say if I had my car stereo was playing music and then my passenger closes the door will it damage the speakers since when you close the door I assume there will be vibration effect to the speakers
  4. B

    EQ app for subs? Subwoofer damage?

    I know this is a car auido forum but this question pertains to a recent shelf system i have purchased. I have an app on my iphone called equalizer. It allows you to boost the bass up to 14db. Right when i recieved the shelf system of course i plug everything in, set the bass boost up to 14db and...