crossover points

  1. S

    Sony XS162-ES Component Speakers frequency ranges?

    Hey guys, I hope this is the right section…if not, let me know a better place. I have a set of Sony XS-162ES Component Speakers (6.5” Woofer & 2.5” Tweeter). I’m trying to find the frequency ranges each speaker is meant to play, so I can run them fully active and set em up with my Alpine...
  2. T

    8-ohm speaker question

    If I have 8-ohm speakers covering the midrange in a 3-way network - in which the low and high networks use 4-ohm speakers - can I expect to have phasing issues? If the answer is yes, can I avoid this problem if I were to parallel-wire another set of 8-ohm speakers to the first two 8-ohm...
  3. TheMayer

    Unusual 2-Way Crossover Advice

    CDT ES-02 "Tweeters" (250-20kHz) Rainbow Sound line 6.5" Midbass' (50-4250Hz) Ported 12W6v2 No rear fill Fully active w/ a BitTen D 50W per front driver, 500W to Sub (Alpine MRP) Tweeters are mounted in on axis pvc end caps where the dash and A-pillars meet, mids off axis low in the doors...
  4. atownmack

    Help with selecting crossover points for a cz702

    I recently bought a clarion cz702 due to everyone on here saying how much better an active crossover is! Upon installing everything, I can not get the sound I need. On certain songs I missing much of the frequency. I'm running the cz702 on 3 way mode (that is tweeter, mid, and sub.) When I...