1. A

    Need ideas! Get Crazy!!

    Hi everyone!  I have had a thread going on in General discussion about a new audio setup I would like to do.  I am still a little bit of a noob but I am reading and learning as much as I can as I go along.  Jeffdachef and a few others helped me out a ton on choosing speakers etc for my new...
  2. B

    Double DIN Kit for custom console

    I am building a custom console for my '86 Chevy C10. It's nothing spectacular, just MDF, foam and vinyl (no fiberglass). I will be adding a Kenwood Double DIN head unit to it. Will I be able to insert the head unit directly into the face of the console or do I need to buy a Double DIN kit? If I...
  3. bbeljefe

    Audio Anarchy F150 Harley Truck Console Box Build

    Here's a box I built for a 2003 HD Anniversary Edition F150. The system is less than high quality at the moment but the owner has decided to replace the equipment now that I've got it sounding right for what it is. He paid an alleged semi pro car audio guy to put the stuff in and it consists of...
  4. my dash

    my dash

    JVC 640 and an old school JVC graphic eq. Relocated my ac controls into a fiberglassed console piece.
  5. DodgeSlammit

    Center Console Box Design

    Hey guys im new to this forum, but i was just going to see if anyone could help me out with designing a center console box for my 04 ram. i have 2 memphis 10's that will be in it, i want it to be ported, and i want a screen in it too Memphis says it needs to be 2.5 cubes @ 35hz and the port is...
  6. K

    Can I enclose a Bazooka?

    Thinking about getting a Bazooka powered sub tube for my '02 Odyssey. There's no great place to put it/protect it/conceal it. Since the center tray/Honda's poor excuse for a center console is a rattly piece of $*@&, I was thinking about fabricating my own console/box and housing the...
  7. Console