1. J

    Custom Built Computer

    Item(s) for Sale: Custom built computer, $1000 obo. Over $1300 to build this computer. Also have a Asus 144hz 1080p Monitor and a Razer Blackwidow Chroma keyboard for sale. Item(s) Description/Condition: Specs are as follows: Case: NZXT Phantom Full Tower Case CPU: AMD FX-8320 CPU Cooler...
  2. G

    Looking for a 1 channel mono D amp for trade

    I am looking to trade some car audio for a sub amp... It will be running an SA12 so I'm looking for 700-1000 watt class D mono 1 channel amp... I have: Kove Audio ZX1000 2 channel amp... (great underrated sq amp from back in the golden era of car audio) Rated at 13.2 volts - 200 x 2 @ 4...
  3. VerTigo456

    WTT for Double Din

    Hey, I have a gaming computer with 22" monitor, high end gaming keyboard, mouse and joystick that I would like to trade for a double din for my Vette. Just shoot me a reply or PM with what you have. I have an excellent ebay rep as well as on corvette forum. Thanks, Steven
  4. TT2ENT

    M-Audio Delta 410 audio card !!4inputs and 10 outs!!

    Item(s) for Sale: M-Audio Delta 410 with "dongle" Item(s) Description/Condition: M-Audio Delta 410 Sound card - 96 kHz - 24-bit "Google" M Audio Delta 410 for more specs and prices This gives your computer pure quality recording and playback ability. Connect all your equipment through th...