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    First Car Audio Build... I need some speaker advice

    Hi, I have a 2010 Toyota Camry. I'm looking to replace the front and rear speakers. Up front is a factory componet set of 6x9s. The rear has coaxials. I have already decided to go with DD Audio speakers because it's a local brand that I support. I'm trying to figure out what the best option...
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    Why 6.5" Car Speakers Best Now?

    As I m searching forums & blogs to learn about different size car speakers I found these days most people are fond of using the 6.5" car speakers mostly. The main reason behind it because 6.5" is smaller than other upper size speakers. And which is easy to fix in car. And also 6.5" speakers...
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    Best 6x9 Car Speakers Review

    You may looking for the best 6x9 speakers for your car. I was also searching for it and got a suitable solution from my end. When you are ready to purchase a set of speakers, don’t buy the first set you see. You need to be careful and keep a few things in mind. It's going to take a little...
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    2015 Toyota RAV4 LE non jbl

    What speakers would work good with factory system headunit without a amp I am just looking to add speakers now I need all 4ohm 6.5 in doors and 3.5 in dash I was looking at JLs or focalbut crutch goes told me that I need an amp to run a JL speaker and the focal speakers are fine but I'm not sure...
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    Replacing the Speakers on an Older Car

    I have a '77 lincoln continental that I bought a while ago, and I'm looking into replacing the speakers in the rear and front. My car has two on the rear package tray and one in each door panel. I got the speakers out easy enough, but I have some questions regarding my choice of speakers. Btw...