car audio installation

  1. DIYing but kinda dying

    Help with 1996 Crown Vic wiring

    I'm putting an aftermarket head unit in a 1996 Crown Victoria--or at least trying to. I cannot find the proper adapter harness to connect the aftermarket radio to factory wiring. The stock radio has 2 plugs going in the back. 1 is the standard gray 8-pin Ford that's used in numerous models and...
  2. T

    top 5 audio systems?

    hello guys im new to this forum and newer to car audio i have a 2006 Audi A6 with the factory Bose audio system and i want to upgrade it i am looking a things like the Audison bit 10 and wondering whats the best system as far as best bang for the buck that doesn't sacrifice audio quality and...
  3. M

    MAJOR upgrade HELP!

    I'm in Mount Vernon NY and I'm looking to do a major upgrade but installers is charging an arm and a leg please help advice or help with install. Its installation on 2013 RAV4. I'm installing KnuKoncept sound deading 4 doors and trunk CCF Ensolite Peel and stick from LCQ 1 Zero...