1. Bass so loud it HZ

    Do i need caps on my tweeters ?

    I just got another set of tweeters and they came with caps. Beings i am using my amp to cross them over do i even need to use them ?
  2. D

    Capacitor Problem?

    Hey everyone! Okay jumping right into it. I bought a Power Acoustik 5 Farad capacitor and watched plenty of videos and diagrams so I knew I was hooking it up right. First of all i took out my fuse under the hood so theres no power.I installed the capacitor with in 18" inches of amp. Connected my...
  3. H

    Power caps

    whats the difference between the STINGER SPC5050 CAP NEW 50 FARAD DIGITAL PRO CAPACITOR and STINGER 35 FARAD HYBRID CAPACITOR. The 50 farad is cheaper than the 35 and i dont know why. The 35 retails at alot more as well. So any advice?
  4. QSGTO

    Audiopipe apparel

    This is for all you Audiopipe fans. I've had these in my garage too long now. It's time to get rid of them cheap. First 10 orders get a free Audiopipe bottle opener. I will discount shipping on combined orders. Thanks for buying. 6 Embroidered Ball Caps = $11 Each Shipped 5 Embroidered...