1. L

    Bridging a head unit that is 50Wx4 so that it gives full power to only 2 speakers

    The Only speakers running off my Head Unit are my woofers in my rear backseat, and i want to give them more power by wiring them to my HU differently. I was thinking about how i can bridge a 4 channel amp to just two speakers by connecting the negative speaker wire to a negative of one channel...
  2. T

    RCA for Bridged Amplifier Help

    Hey everyone, I have a friend that just got a new (to him) 2 door truck. He bought a new Kenwood Head unit, a nice pair of components, a 5 channel amplifier, and a sub. We bridged the amp to power the components, but my question is, how are the RCA's suppose to be hooked up? We have been...
  3. J

    2chan amp, 2 terminal box, one wire??

    I'm not a pro at stereo installs but can easily switch out amp or subs as it's extremely simple. My problem is this. My fiance had her amp go to crap and her friend sold her the amp she had, a Memphis 16-st300 and her friend gave her the 2 12 memphis subs since it doesn't fit in new smaller...
  4. L

    Can i bridge my JBL GT5 A3001

    Hi guys, I've just bought a JBL GT5 A3001 amp together with a Ground Zero GZIW 300X subwoofer. According to JBL the amp is mono. This makes senses since these are the watt ratings of the amp. 175W RMS x 1 channels @ 4 ohms 225W RMS x 1 channels @ 2 ohms 300W RMS x 1 channel @ 1 ohm The...
  5. Driv3

    Are there amps that run reliably (not scalding) bridged?

    So, i'm looking for about 800 rms. The Powerbass i have is 800r,s bridged at 4 ohm. It runs hot as hell but doesn't go into protect fortunately. But as a whole, are there 2 channel amps that can be bridged without the temperature to fry an egg and are reliable?