box issues


    Help choosing subs!!

    I have two RE SEX12d4's. I am runnig them from at 1000watts at 1ohm. I have the option of getting a DD Audio 1510. What setup do you think would be better sounding and still loud? I would be running the DD at 1000w. I dont know what size box tuned to what for a car used daily! Any tips, links...
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    Subwoofer issues! or box. unsure.

    Hey, i'm new to this forum but i really need help. See i just bought these 2 kicker comps 15's for 100 bucks brand new! what a steal right, well i thought. I have a alpine amp500.1 or something simular to that its a really tiny 1 channel amp that puts out 500 watts. All my wiring is good except...
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    chevy avalanche enclosure. or no enclosure?

    hello, i have a 2004 chevy avalanche and i want to put a system in it but i still am going to use the bed. so my question is would it be good to put an enclosure in and just take it out when i wanna use the bed (won't be that often) or just do a normal box, but if i do a normal box could you...