box enclosure

  1. Z

    audiopipe txx bd3 12 enclosure help

    Okay so i have tried designing my own box and i fail at it, wondering if somone could design me a ported and sealed box for a single bd3 12. sub specs and i used re audio box calculator with these specs RE AUDIO...
  2. S

    4th order build

    I need some advice on a forth order I'm designing and if it will work it's going to be for 2 10s soundstream t4s and the box demintions are 32w x 22d x 15h the sealed will be .75 for each sub and they will be inverted with about 3 cubes ported it's going to be in an 02 neon the port will be an...
  3. U

    Enclosure types, HELP

    I just got into car audio and am fixing to build a custom box for my truck and was curious as to what the advantages and disadvantages of a ported, sealed, and Bandpass enclosures. also are there any other enclosure types?
  4. Only The Best

    2 10's and 1 15' in the same box???

    so i have a very very large.... like 6ftx2.5ftx2ft box that is sittin on my entire backseat of my dodge ram 1500.... it has 3 10 alpine type r's facing the roof with the port all the way across the bottom blowing forward.... yes it is chambered off.... but i have enough room on the top to cut...
  5. 3

    Selling my DC Creations 15" Slot Port Custom Enclosure / Box

    I had posted it for sale in Dustin's (DC Creations) sub-forum but, I guess it didn't get as many views there, so trying to post it here. Here's the link to the thread with all the info...
  6. puppet_1211

    need to buy a box

    i need a box built for 2 12'' kicker cvr (07' cvr124) i have a dodge ram 1500 single cab so im kinda limited on room and i would like to know how much this would cost and the shipping to north carolina? and i want MORE than 1 ft of air space mabie ported
  7. C

    alpine type r vs. re audio SXx 12's

    i have four alpine type r 12's in two pre-fab boxes all facing up. the boxes are just undersized for the subs and the tuning is off... if i sell off all this and get two RE Audio SXx 12's in a custom ported box tuned @ 33hz. do you think i would be butting out a higher spl? and what about sq...