box building

  1. badboy1898

    Box Design

    I'm getting a pair of Pioneer TS-W304R 12" and I need help designing a box for them. It’s going to be placed in a 2000 Suzuki XL7.
  2. B


    Hello I am new here and was hoping someone could help me with box plans. I need a 1 Cu Ft box with a port diameter of 3 in and 7 inch in length. its for a 10in
  3. A

    SA-15 Box Dimensions

    I'm selling my pos L7 15 and all, and going with either one or two SA-15's on an Hifonics BRX 1100.1, question is, what dimensions would be best to go with when building for either one or two? This is also my first box construct.
  4. G

    Box question for 2 Soundqubed SDC2.5 15's

    I'm pretty new to this, but I'm pretty solid in wanting to learn how to build my own boxes, I want something for my budget and currently that is far less than the space I'm willing to use. I'm looking at running 2 Soundqubed SDC2.5 15's or 2 HDS215 subs in the back seat of my extended cab...
  5. palolomike26

    Box design help!!

    box for a soundstream xxx 18 off 3000 watts and trying something new dont know how it will end up.. goals is to play lows with decent highs sub will be facing upward and port shooting foward... lookn for anyones imput on how they think it will perform
  6. Omgstupidlag

    Just have a small question..

    What is the effect of using a 4th order passive radiator enclosure compared to sealed or vented enclosures?
  7. ssteele18

    Box Build: Dual SKAR IVX 10"

    2.2cuft @35hz Nothing too special. Just wanted to get some pics posted. *Soon to be property of: @freakin_rican*
  8. O

    2 10" Kicker CVR + 1 12" L7 in a Dodge Caliber

    So, I just bought an L7 and need to build a box to accomodate the three woofers. I don't know exactly how much room I have in the back of my car, but it is a hatchback and I'm not too worried about storage at the moment. They can always be taken out if I have something big to haul around. I...
  9. puppet_1211

    Buck knows his stuff

    buck knows his stuff if u need a box designed to fit ur ride contact him he knows what hes doing just got my designs frum him a few minutes ago and i kant wait to start the build this weekend
  10. puppet_1211

    need to buy a box

    i need a box built for 2 12'' kicker cvr (07' cvr124) i have a dodge ram 1500 single cab so im kinda limited on room and i would like to know how much this would cost and the shipping to north carolina? and i want MORE than 1 ft of air space mabie ported
  11. M

    Help me design my box :)

    I tried to design a box on this program but... im not sure if these dimensions will work very well at all. it should be about 3.5ft^3 total minus the ports and 5/8 wall divideing the subs. I was planning on putting to cvr 12's in it. i've built a couple boxes before, but this is my box so i...