battery voltage drop

  1. OKAY

    Using 2 batteries: 65 + 24 size

    I was given a battery (24F-VL Valucraft) that has been sitting for about a year. Tested 12.59v. Until I'm able to afford an AGM for under the hood, would leaving the main battery in and placing the 24F battery in the back worth it? After the cost of wire and all. 3000 rms brutis brx3016.1d is...
  2. sharkman

    Add or replace stock battery

    Ok so my system will be around 2500 watt and i know i will need more power when the bass hits. from what i read im staying away from caps. all my wiring is zero gauge and and im trying to complete the big 3 once i upgrade my stock alt to a 3g...(i have a ford bronco)..... So will it be possible...
  3. X

    Electrical Needed for 2 SA 15s

    Ok just to let you guys know I have read the stickys and researched for a while on this, but cant seem to get what im looking for. I have a 200 amp alternator, a stock battery that puts out 650 cca and 800 ca I cant find the amp hours for the life of me. I will be doing the big 3 this weekend...
  4. M

    Need help massive viltage drop!!!!!!!

    Okay ill start from the beggining! i was running 3 amps and 4 12's in my jeep with everything stock (90 amp alternater duralast gold battery) and could run it a full blast and would get a voltage drop from 14.3 - 11.8 at its lowest. I added 2 rockford 75 watt rms high speakers and a small...