battery isolator

  1. M

    Will my stock 105 amp alternator be able to handle 700-750 watts rms

    Car audio noob here. I am hoping to install a 700-750 watt rms system in my Honda Fit 2016 EX. I've asked multiple different auto parts stores and car audio...
  2. D

    Battery Isolator Question

    I understand the function of a battery isolator during the charging phase, so no problem there. I was under the impression that another function of the isolator is to automatically switch the vehicle's electrical system to the AUX battery when the vehicle's engine is off. Some dealers (and...
  3. M

    Stinger SGP38 Ultra High Current Isolator/Relay - NEW

    Looking for 20$ shipped to your door USPS shipping. No trades please. Was going to use this for a old air ride setup(Air Compressor to battery connection), ended up selling off the truck before i could use this. BRAND NEW IN BOX NEVER USED - SGP38 Ultra High Current Isolator/Relay The Stinger...
  4. J

    battery isolator 2006 dodge charger

    Hi guys, This is my first post!! I need some help. i am starting my project in about 30 days. what I need help on is installing a battery isolator in my 2006 dodge charger. I know how to wire that up but just curious if anyone has done this yet. First where did you mount your isolator? Second...
  5. man_n_da_trunk

    question concerning two batteries in my trunk please help car

    okay heres my question to all car audio experts on the matter. i was told that with my system to get max power out of my amps i would need to run two batteries in the trunk. okay the first battery in my trunk will be ran off of my battery isolator. my question is if i add another battery in the...