bass blocker

  1. B

    Need suggestions for bass blocker installation

    I picked up a set of bass blockers for my front and rear speakers and was able to install them on the front speakers, but the rear speaker terminal is encased in a hard plastic shell unlike the front ones, which I could easily slide up and expand the connectors to fit. So I'm trying to figure...
  2. K

    Bass blocker help

    i have a 2010 tacoma with 2 12" rockford fosgate r2s and a planet audio 4k watt amp but my door speakers have been upgraded but i dont have a 5 channel amp or a speaker amp they distort and im look for a cheapish way to get my system louder ive seen the bass blockers but would they work.
  3. Needforsound

    Missing bass. Last heard in stock Honda speakers.

    Greetings all! My stock Honda door speakers were replaced with four Alpine SPS-610's. I used to keep the bass at +3 (out of 6) and got plenty of low-end from the stock speakers (same size). Now, even with the bass cranked to the max (+6) I get almost no bass response, and the sound is very...