1. B

    COMPLETED 6.5 “ components for sale

    I have two pairs of Audiofrog G60S 6.5 “ components for $275 each + shipping. They are currently mounted in book shelf speaker boxes. Only been lightly used for about a month. Can remove from speaker boxes and ship in original boxes if you don’t want them. I also have a pair of Audio frog GS...
  2. K

    Audiofrog Speaker Selection Help

    Aloha, Second post, my first one was much more general as I was still all over the place planning my build. Help me pick out the best Audiofrog speakers for what I (think) I'm looking for. Cliff notes: Active GB60, GB15 & GS60 coax (Rear fill), or skip rear fill and do something funky like...
  3. SkizeR

    2017 Subaru Crosstrek - Audiofrog, Helix, Zapco, Illusion, ResoNix

    Hey everyone, we are back with another build log. This time its my buddy John's 2017 Subaru Crosstrek. I met John via Facebook years ago, back when he was into SPL and didnt have any experience with sound quality what so ever. Fast forward a few years and he stops by my place (back when i was...
  4. SkizeR

    Tesla Model S - Audiofrog, Helix, ResoNix

    Hey everyone, were back with another build log. The videos will be coming out first, and in sections this time. They are being filmed better, with more detail, more fabrication, etc etc.. This first video is of the pillars. I would write a wall of text about what were are doing to this car, but...
  5. Aygodriver1212

    Differences between RTA's

    Hello guys, for a while now I've been looking for a somewhat decent RTA to tune some of my friends' and my own system. I've been looking in to an RTA I found through Soundman on YouTube. The Audiofrog UM-1 (link below) Test Gear - Audiofrog UMI-1 My friend told me he calibrated his system...