audiobahn subwoofers

  1. S

    A few questions here.

    Item(s) for Sale: I have a Soundstream Pic 4.880AMP and have been trying to research everywhere on how much these go for. If anyone has an idea and is not trying to get one over on me please help. I have seen similar ones but only the 2AMP going for $273. I also have a 10" Audiobahn Sub in a...
  2. J

    2 12" Audiobahns for $200

    Item(s) for Sale: I have two twelve inch audiobahn speakers in a box. I also have a lanzar amp available if youre interested. i previously hooked the subs up in my ford taurus and they slammed. the cars transmission went so i uninstalled the speakers and they havent been used since. i have no...
  3. 43de

    Audiobahn - How to convince someone that they really are awful

    So my buddy from school is looking to invest in some car audio equipment. Like most people buying their first system, he has been brainwashed into thinking that brands like Audiobahn and Rockford Fosgate are the ****. Now, the thing that bothers me is that he says that my adivice "contradicts...