Avia Traffic Company is an airline with its head office in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. operating out of the Manas International Airport.
The Avia Air Traffic Company along with all other airlines based in kyrgyzstan is on the List of air carriers banned in the European Union.

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    Need a second atomic apx 818 motor
  2. F

    Any info?

    Has anyone used the atomic subs recently? look at an ELE 15....anyone know if it could be a good daily sub? Can get one for a pretty good price but cant fine much info about them. Was also looking at the FI SSD V4.... anyone with any knowledge on these would be great....would go in the back of...
  3. B

    FS: Atomic AT-5000.1 Class D Monoblock

    View Listing FS: Atomic AT-5000.1 Class D Monoblock Hardcore amps. You should know what these are if you're in the market. - Model 5000.1- Class D mono block- A competition linkable grade Amplifier- RMS 5000W  1 ohm* Digital mono block amplifier* Dual MOS-FET power...
  4. T

    Being offered a atomic 5k how much?

    Being offered an atomic 5k and would like opinions on how much you guys would pay for it. 8/10 condition was ran at .5 ohms with plenty of electrical upgrades. Basically what's a good price and whats too much...
  5. Purplehaze-

    Custom Atomic 10's

    Item(s) for Sale: Custom Atomic 10's Item(s) Description/Condition: New, unused. Built with refurbished Atomic motors, and all new frames & soft parts. Price: $230 shipped for the pair, cont. US only. Or $130 shipped each. Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: 10" subs, dual...
  6. kpetree

    Atomic 1600.1D

    Item(s) for Sale: I have an Atomic 1600.1 for sale, or trade. Here are the specs: Quick Specs - Model 1600.1 - Class D mono block - A competition linkable grade Amplifier - RMS 1600W 1 ohm * Digital mono block amplifier * Dual MOS-FET power supplies * Efficiency over 86% * RMS power...
  7. Loudizzzzle

    Teenybopper Hairtrick

  8. I

    Atomic APXX 18 #1078 motor dual 4" coil 160 shipped!

    1. Product: Atomic APXX 18" motor 2. Specs: 4" coil, dual .2 iron ferite mags 3. Description/Condition: 8/10 age is only issue. hardly used, never put more than 3k to this sub that takes 30k. 4. Price: : 160 shipped to lower 48 without insurance. Item Pictures:           (List...
  9. resko1

    Modded Atomic at-7000.1d

    Item(s) for Sale: atomic at-7000.1d Item(s) Description/Condition: bought this with a bad output section. Common with these amps due to lack of board supports. Was sent to ampenstein after ampmedics couldn't fix it. Was also modified while there. He added active cooling to the output section...
  10. resko1

    Resko1's Sundown/Atomic Metro*video's*

    Random vids. Build is..... 98 Chevy Metro LSi Eclipse CD7000 HU US Amps USA-200x for front stage CDT M6's in the kicks, CDT TW23 in the fr doors Aura NS6's in the rear kicks, CDT TW25 on the rear panel Atomic AT-7000.1d 8-Sundown SA8's in 6cu tuned to 33hz with a single 8" aeroport 4-...
  11. TBH1

    F/S: TRF, Atomic, Eclipse, SoloX Motors

    Item(s) for Sale: Blacktop TRF Motor 4"VC 2-Atomic APXX 856 3"VC Eclispe 8812DVC 3"VC 2-SoloX 18" basket and motors 3.5"VC i do belive Item(s) Description/Condition: TRF- Mint condition, my buddy put the RF sticker on it. No chips or dings APXX- No chips or dings. Eclipse- No chips...
  12. J

    Hifonics BXI1608d 1600 RMS amp

    Item(s) for Sale: I am selling my Hifonics BXI1608d mono amplifier that has a few marks on the top and the chrome looks good still shines but works and sounds excellent.Here are the ratings... # Brutus BXi Series Class D Monoblock Car Amplifier # Includes a Amplifier Installation Kit and RCA...
  13. J

    MB Quart 5 1/4 components

    I am selling my set of MB Quart components that are in great shape and sound excellent.I removed them from my car last weekend to put a new set in and have used them for over a year.They were on a A/D/S P840.2 since I had them,the original owner had them on a JL 300/4.I dont have the original...
  14. J


    1. Product: Soundstream USA 305 2. Specs: Specs: SPECIFICATIONS POWER OUTPUT CROSSOVER SPECIFICATIONS High Pass: 12 dB/octave, factory set at 150 Hz (non-variable) Low Pass: 24 dB/octave, factory set at 75 Hz (Variable by S.I.P.) (800 Hz "bypass" S.I.P. included) DIMENSIONS USA•305...
  15. J


    I have a Oldschool Soundstream USA305 5 channel amp that is in good condition for its age and has a few scratches.This amp works excellent and sounds even better!I received it on trade from a friend and really didnt need it so its up for sale.He was running 3 8w3's off the sub channel and I was...
  16. J

    RD Audio 7500.1

    1. Product: RD Audio 7500.1 2. Specs: The RD series amplifiers deliver a ton of power with a low distortion rate. We used the best parts we could find to give you a top quality amplifier that anyone would be proud to show off. With their clean looks and sleek finish, they’ll look good in any...
  17. J

    Image Dynamics SPL 15" Subwoofer RARE only 6 made same as Atomic APXX

    I am selling my Image Dynamics SPL 15 that is in great shape and sounds excellent!This sub is extremely rare and there is only 6 of them ever made.These were made by Image Dynamics,not just a recone on a motor.This has the same specs as the Atomic APXX but I was told this is actually bigger.I...
  18. J

    MA Audio HK802SX mono amplifier (4400 watts RMS 1/2 ohm stable!)

    This amp is overall in great condition,it has a few small spots on the chrome but not really noticable,still near new.I have two of them,I bought a second one to put on my Atomic APX quad coil and couldnt fit both of them in and need to upgrade my electrical more.I am hitting 146.4 on the TL...
  19. J

    MA Audio HK802SX 4400 RMS 1/2 ohm stable amplifier HUGE!

    I am selling one of my MA Audio HK802SX amplifiers because I cannot fit two in my car.I have had one in my car for well over a year and bought a second one a while back and just dont have the room or the power to back both of them.I have been highly impressed with my amp and have never had any...
  20. domllama

    Blown Atomic 3000.1 - outputs not working? Taking best offer...

    $200 shipped with no warranty implied AS-IS. Amp goes into protect mode, still gets power...have no time or will to get it repaired- I will take best offer. this was bought from ampjunkielikeme in 10/2009 email me at [email protected] for quick reply Looking to get sold this weekend so throw...