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  1. T

    Speaker quality help, need amp?

    Hello I just bought two 6x9" 800 watt (125 rms) and two 6.5" 400 watt (100 rms) speakers, both 4 Ohms full range speakers. I have a pioneer (25w per channel amp) head unit. im highly disappointed with the sound quality. Is it because i need an amp to power them more. Also what size and kind...
  2. T

    15 inch mtx thunder 9500

    I have a 15 inch mtx thunder 9500 I bought from a friend just the sub no box or amp what size amp and what kind of box should I get if I need to know anything I didn't ask please add thank u
  3. fisubsaregross

    Best amp for a 18 inch FI BTL N2

    I am going to be getting a 18 inch FI. It runs at 2000 rms and I want to get a better amp thatn my 2000 watt powerbass mono. I am looking into getting a Audioque 2200 so I can really push my FI to the limit. What are your thoughts on this, what would you suggest?