alpine type r 12

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    New Subwoofer and Amp recommendation

    Hi so basically i’m buying a car soon and i’m looking into the best sub I can get for around the £200 margin as well as around £100 - £150 on an amplifier. I listen to mostly bassline so i’m looking for a sub that can really slam. The deaf bonce apocalypse 12” is what I had originally wanted but...
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    Box design for 2 alpine type R 12

    I don’t know if I am posting this right. Haven’t ever posted to a forum before. I have 2 Alpine Type R 12’s. They are ran off a Planet Audio PL4000.1D amp at 2 ohms. I need a new box as I think the one I have is inadequate. Any ideas or suggestions? It is in the trunk of a 1996 Dodge Intrepid. I...