alpine pdx

  1. The Silverman

    For sale Alpine PDX M12

    Item(s) for Sale: Used working Alpine PDX M12 amp. Item(s) Description/Condition: Power Specifications - Subwoofer Channel RMS Power @ 4 ohms 1200 watts x 1 channels RMS Power @ 2 ohms 1200 watts x 1 channels RMS Power @ 1 ohm Not Stable Peak Power Output Not Specified Amplifier...
  2. N

    Alpine PDX 2.150 To Power Boston Acoustics SPZ60's

    Hi guys, I have the chance to buy an Alpine PDX 2.150 for a very good price. My plan is to use this amp to power a set of Boston Acoustics SPZ60's. This amp is rated at: 150 x 2 at 2ohm 150 x 2 at 4ohm These components require 150watts at 3ohm. Will this amp provide the sufficient power...
  3. therockdrummer

    I immediately blew my new subs.

    I just installed all my car stereo at one time as follows: Pioneer AVH4400BH Alpine TypeR 6.5 comps Alpine TypeR 6.5 coax Kicker PKD1 0gauge kit 2x Alpine SWR-10D4 Alpine PDX-F4 Alpine PDX-M12 Sound Ordnance Bass Bunker dual vented enclosure. Everything sounded amazing for about a week...
  4. tprice07

    (1) Sundown SAZ 2500D, (2) Alpine PDX 1.600, (1) Alpine MRD-M1005

    1. Product: (1) Sundown Audio SAZ 2500D (2) Alpine PDX 1.600 (1) Alpine MRD-M1005 2. Specs: (SAZ 2500D) - 2500 watts rms @ 1 ohm (PDX 1.600) - 600 watts rms @ 2-4 ohms (MRD-M1005) - 1000 @ 2 ohms 3. Description/Condition: SAZ 2500 - 9.5/10 Cosmetic - one minor scratch by top left saz...
  5. T

    What's the best way to run my RF 12" T1 with an Alpine PDX M6 amplifier??

    Just got a 12" Rockford Fosgate T1 as well as an Alpine PDX M6 amplifier. Both are rated at 600 watts RMS so I'm not too worried about power issues. What I would like to know is the best wire gauges to use, if a capacitor is needed, sealed vs. ported box, ohm wiring, and anything else anyone...
  6. F

    Which is better?

    my two options right now are a alpine PDX 4.100 or a MB Quart ONX 4.125 both about the same price. they are going to power my mids which are 100rms. i usaully like a bit of overkill, but i can get the pdx for what i would consider a steal at $170. any opinions on which might sound better?