alpine 10" subwoofer

  1. ryanpowell41

    Help with my alpine type r10s 500rms

    So I have a pair of alpine type r 10s the grey ones 500watt rms 1000watt rms to both they are the dual 4ohm. I want to get max power I can with my amp I have and I’m not sure how I wire them to my amp and in the’s a CT Sounds CT-1000.1D Compact Class D Car Audio Monoblock Amplifier, 1000...
  2. T

    My first ever system… help please

    I just installed my first ever system yesterday (along with help from a friend) and I feel something isn’t right. When adjusting the gain knob I can turn it all the way up and the subs will still barely be working. I’ve watched many YouTube videos on how to adjust it and mine just doesn’t seem...
  3. 21gsmith

    Help lol

    So I’m 18 and my brother gave me 2 alpine 10” sun type r he got them a long long long time ago so they are the older model or whatever. I got a skar 1500 watt amp and a 4 gauge 1500 wiring kit. I hooked it up and it worked really good and was super loud at first. But no I hear like a lil popping...
  4. K

    Questions on Box design for 10" Alpine Type R

    Hi guys. I recently bought a 10" alpine type R, and it is currently in an Atrend prefab box, at 1.25 Cu ft and tuned at 42Hz. It is sitting on the rear drivers seat of my 2013 dodge ram, facing foreword. I am running an alpine m1000 at 1000 watts rms, although I will be switching to a Jl...