1. K

    Music Pauses When Reversing

    Hi I was wondering if someone can help me with this issue? I have a Jensen CAR687 aftermarket radio that I got installed at Best Buy. I’ve noticed that whenever I shift into reverse, my music pauses and to be honest, it’s kinda annoying. I’ve looked all over the settings to see if there’s a way...
  2. M

    Greetings from new user and request of advice to upgrade stock system Lexus RC300h

    Hi foks, First post here, just joined and I look forward to learning about Car Audio from all of you, seasoned mobile audiophiles I recently took delivery of a 2016 Lexus RC300h and I'm underwhelmed by the quality (or lack thereof) of the stock audio system. I know I should have gone for the...
  3. R

    Aftermarket dash kit for 2012 ford focus

    I am looking to get a sound system soon, but my friends brought up a concern to me. They were saying i would have to get a new head unit but with the way my console is set up i would have to get an aftermarket dash kit, which is about 150$ on Is this really necessary or are they...
  4. D

    04 Chrysler Pacifica stereo help

    I have an 04 pacifica that is fully loaded with the navigation, 6 disc player and dvd overhead monitor. Ive installed an aftermarket amp and subs by using a scosche line output converter that is tapped into the rear stock subwoofer wires coming out from the stock amp. This way I was able to use...
  5. C

    No stereo power-only the clock illumination comes on.

    Issue: I have the factory H/U and and aftermarket H/U. The factory h/u worked last time I tried. My buddy gave me the aftermarket h/u, I've never seen it in operation. Problem is, on factory h/u, the clock will display for about 10 seconds if i press the 'recall' , 'hr' , or 'min' buttons...