1. Brian21699

    Sundown SA12 port area?

    Will a 3 inch aeroport be enough in just under 1.5 cubes? Or do I have to use a 4? I would have to cut out some of the plastics of my truck to put a 4, but a 3 will fit perfect. @sundownz
  2. Aleks15Civic

    Does the length of the aeroport include the flare or not?

    Two quick misc questions about ports. I got the following calculations for an aeroport I'm planning on building: Does the length I need include the flare or not? I'm guessing not, but I want to be sure. Also, how does the port affect box volume? Do I add the volume of the entire port as...
  3. C


    Hello. I am pretty new to the audio world and just finished building my first box for 2 sa-15 d2s. The volume is about 7.035128 ft^3. I need to port it and have decided on doing aeroports because space is limited( this is going in the back of a 1999 Toyota Tacoma extended cab) but have run into...
  4. rpd

    Box design Skar VVX-10v2, aeroport?

    Background: In a hatchback (Honda Fit), going for 30-32hz, up to 1.75 cubes, rear firing sub, port firing dunno yet. Sub will be on 650 RMS (rated RMS is 600w), at 1 ohm. Wanting to try aeroport mainly just for the fun of it, but it's advantages do line up nicely with my goals. I have my maximum...
  5. Brian21699


    I'm looking to put a port in my box. I have approximately 1.51 cubic feet of airspace, would a 3" external port tuned to 32 hertz have port noise? And I'm also building a box for a friend, and am using an aeroport for his as well. He has 1.8 cubic feet after woofer displacement. Would a 3" port...
  6. S

    Distance from port opening to subwoofer motor

    How far away should the internal aeroport opening be away from the back of the motor if using a 90degree elbow
  7. psychoacoustics

    next generation adjustable aeroport prototypes

    Item(s) for Sale: 1 6" large flare HIGH SPL HIGH power adjustable port 2 8" close clearance port for tight applications such as CRX Item(s) Description/Condition: 6 x"19" compressed length 28" extended roughly 8"x 17" compressed length 28" extended roughly both are 12" diameter give or...
  8. 2012-12-12 18-08-58 100

    2012-12-12 18-08-58 100

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    2012-12-11 12-07-20 8

  10. 2012-12-12 17-41-55 930

    2012-12-12 17-41-55 930

  11. 2012-12-11 12-33-34 569

    2012-12-11 12-33-34 569

  12. S


    Hi, I'm planning on doing a downfired box for 2 AQ woofers with 4 4" aeroport facing the rear tuned to 30hz. Would I lose sound output with the subs being downfired compared to having both woofers faced up with the ports facing rear. It'll be in a SUV by the way. Thanks in advance...
  13. Aeroports


    Dual 4" Aeroports