active subwoofer

  1. K Tuu

    Logitech Z623 Subwoofer to car

    Hello! I have HK Logic7 sound system in my MB W211 T, and added Z623 Sub into trunk for more bass. Aux cable connected to factory sub cable: It plays very good, even the rear view mirror vibrates now :D Bypassed this: With this: I have two questions: 1) How i could make the sub play only...
  2. MAHubbard1

    Connect one speaker wire pair to both high level inputs or no?

    I have a phoenix gold 10” under seat sub. I have spurred a high level signal from one of the rear door speaker’s to feed the signal for the sub. Now I know that some will say take a feed from both sides but to be honest doing just the left was a right headache so can I connect the spur to both...
  3. Z

    Help with JBL PROBase SL Active subwoofer

    Hello all, I am new to this forum. I joined because I need some more expert advice. I have had several cars in my time all with sound systems. Ranging from dual 15" in my Jetta to Rocksford Fossgate in my Focus. I have now since decided I want to move into the offroading & overlanding...