1. F

    Crackling Noise with new Atoto S8 head unit

    Purchased atoto s8 Installing it into a jeep grand cherokee 2000 limited It has Infinity sound with an amplifier. https://wjbible.com/radios.html -Premium Sound Infinity system(Radio unit with external amplifier and six Infinity 4-ohm speakers) I got the metria install harness...
  2. lukehester

    Need Help!

    I have a Ampere Audio AA-2000.1. I installed the amp 2 days ago and it would randomly go into protect mode. I woke up this morning and now that amp immediately goes into protect mode when i turn the car on. I have disconnected everything except the B+, ground, and remote wire, and still the same...
  3. Eggroll

    Crescendo BC2000D

    Item(s) for Sale: Crescendo BC2000D Item(s) Description/Condition: 10/10 10/10 Practically new. Ran on my ethos dual 1 ohm coil, at 2 ohms, but I clamped it getting only 500 watts rising to 4 ohms (I guess cause the missing sub and the extra box space). Never seen below 13v. Never gone into...
  4. Lowlacs

    American Bass ph4000md(2k@1ohm) and matching American Bass ph4100fr(4x100)

    Item(s) for Sale: Matching pair of American Bass Phantom amps Item(s) Description/Condition: Both amps are in excellent condition. Both are in 100% working order. Neither amp has any nicks or scratches other than mounting feet. Both are in the original boxes with mounting hardware and owners...
  5. FRESH06Liberty

    2000 Impala giving fits!!

    Hey everyone, I recently installed an aftermarket HU in a friends 2000 Impala. All worked great when they left and went home for the evening. I also installed all the essential wiring for subs and amps. Next day they called saying, The HU comes on but no sound. The sub amp isn't powering on...
  6. heydes

    replaced head unit now my door speakers dont work!!!

    i drive a 2000 nissan maxima with B.o.s.e (buy other stereo equipment)factory system installed. about six months ago i replaced my bose head unit with a clarion cz500. everything worked fine up until i decided to install a different head unit( pioneer 980-bt ) i remove the harness to wire it...
  7. ezekial130

    (2) Batcap 2000s

    Item(s) for Sale: (2) Batcap 2000s Item(s) Description/Condition: Both are in fine working condition, but do look used and have scratches. One has a permanent stud due to the fact that when i bought it from someone else on here they did not tell me there was anything wrong with them when one...
  8. S

    a little help!

    wasup everybody! i recently installed this setup last weekend and what im noticing is spring is here and my amps get HOT even before i turn on the car. i know it may be my black interior or the tinted rear windshield thats causing heat, so what im asking is how would you keep these amps cool...
  9. S

    Fs: Jbl bpx 2200.1

    Item(s) for Sale: JBL BPX 2200.1 Item(s) Description/Condition: Up for grabs is a used but in great condition BPX 2200.1. This amp is getting harder and harder to get ahold of. I just so happen to have an extra one that i need to get rid of. I know what the amp is worth, so no lowballing...
  10. n8skow

    SOLD FS: (2) Memphis Mojo 2k's - (orange flame)

    Item(s) for Sale: 2 Memphis Mojo 2k's (orange flame) Item(s) Description/Condition: used Price: $375 a piece or $700 for the pair will throw in bridging module if you want. Only interested trades would be a pair of Solo X 10's/12's (dual 2-cones) Shipping and Miscellaneous Item...
  11. 50 black guys

    Looking to buy 1000-2000rms amp

    I need an amp for a Fi Q 15" 2ohm DVC driver. I'm not willing to spend 500$ or more I'm looking for good SQ and reliability
  12. 50 black guys

    Amp for Fi Q. Quick opinions?

    What amp(s) would you recommend for a Fi-Q 15" (2ohm DVC) going into a sealed box? I'm looking for: -Good SQ - -Maybe something used for -reliable -1000-2000rms (how much can the Q handle? You could even point me out to a specific amplifier at a good price Thanks a lot people.