1. HariboSingh

    Replacement for 12W7 cone cover?

    JL Audio doesn't directly sell replacement parts for 12W7s and they want like $200 for a service/repair job. https://fixmyspeaker.com/product/full-cone-cover-for-jl-w7/ would be a good option, but they're unavailable and have been for months. Has anyone found an alternative, maybe from a...
  2. M

    w7= poop...

    After some craigslist hustlin, I wound up with a JL 12w7. I got quite a deal on it, but its not at all what i had hoped for giving JL's overrated rep. It's a decent sub, but can only take 1000w rms and it doesnt really like that. I hear the motor on the w7s are really good though, so im thinking...
  3. murdered sol

    Quick amplifier question

    Hey guys, first of all I'd like to say that I'm happy to join this forum... now that that's out of the way I have a question about my potential setup... I have an alpine M2000 (2000w mono) and according to alpine its rated for 1500w at 4 ohms and 2000w at 2 ohms. So my question is, if I were to...
  4. T

    Second JL 12w7 broken?

    I bought a second 12w7 on ebay and after pulling out my first I noticed that the my second 12w7 (which I bought used for $230 shipped) seems to be sunken in or more relaxed compared to my first 12w7. Does that mean that its just well broken in or does it mean its on its way out? here are some...
  5. S

    Can sa 1500 d be used eith 12w7

    I currently have a sundown audio 1500d amplifier and a jl audio 12" w7. My question is this: can I use my sa1500 to power the 3 ohm subwoofer? If so how should I set the dials on the amplifier? Also I know the jl 1000/1 is best for the w7 but I really like my sa1500 and don't want to get a...
  6. tprice07

    WTB" JL 12W7 clamp ring or blown 12w7 with clamp ring

    I bought a JL 12w7 a few months ago but it didnt come with the aluminum clamp ring i would like to purchase a blown 12w7 or cheap one or just the clamp ring if anyone has any of these please post here or pm me. thanks!
  7. 12w7


    my friends car
  8. Box after paint..

    Box after paint..

  9. box builing..

    box builing..

  10. Back of box...

    Back of box...

  11. 2 12W7's..

    2 12W7's..