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    Jl 12w6v2 high output box with hd750/1

    Item(s) for Sale: a 12 inch W6V2D4 in the JL High Output box AND an HD 750/1 Amplifier Item(s) Description/Condition: has been used for 6 months and i'm getting rid of it because i have a kid on the way Price: $1000 or highest offer Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: shipping...
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    JL Audio vs. Rockford Fosgate

    Part 1: Opinions on JL Audio Subwoofers vs. Rockford Fosgate's. I listen to mostly hip-hop if that makes a difference in the recommendation. Part 2: JL Audio 10W6 vs. JL Audio 12W6? About $50 difference. Does it matter? Part 3: Is the XD 700/5 with 400 Watts to the JL12W6 enough if I choose...
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    Which amp with 2 JL 12W6v2 12" subs

    I am pretty set on purchase 2 JL 12W6v2 12"s subs. I know nothing about amplifiers and how much power is needed. I am not trying to spend a fortune but still want to push enough watts to still give good quality. A local car audio store pointed me in the direction of a PowerBass amp that they...