1. KcContractor

    Which amp would be best for my single JL 10W7in the red eye box??

    Hi everyone, I bought my dream sub on marketplace the other day and need some advice on the best amp to give it the best sound possible. The sub's RMS is 750w @ 3ohm's but I'm sure it can handle a little more. One's I've looked at so far are a pre-owned JL HD 750/1, a JL 1000/1, and a Skar...
  2. S

    Amp to run one Jl 10w7ae-3

    Hey first time poster. I just bought the 2016 Mercedes Benz C63 S Amg Sedan with the upgraded burmester sound system. I want to install one 10w7ae-3, nothing crazy just something to add a little bump (previously drove an escalade ext with three 12w6's). I wanna stick with a Jl amp so ive got a...
  3. Byser

    10w7s (What amp?)

    My current system Im running right now is 2 JL Audio 10w7s and what I have pushing them is 2 Kicker 750s. Look at photos to get a better idea and if need be I can post a video of it. I want to find out if these amps are fine and get the job done or if I might need to upgrade to a single bigger...