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    Another 10w6 HO?

    Hey y'all, I've got a 10w6 in an HO box in my truck and it sounds absolutely AMAZING...but I have an opportunity here. I can purchase ANOTHER HO 10w6 for very cheap ($300). It looks brand new and it has hardly been used. If I do this, will the system sound twice as amazing? (It's hard for me to...
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    JL Audio 10w6v3 discussion

    Assuming I have the money, the amps, and everything... I have a 10w6 in an HO box right now running off of 500w. Question: should I get rid of this setup and get 2 10w6s and have a custom box made? Yes, I know it's all in the box and the amp, but would it get louder than the HO? The HO is...
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    HELP!!!! JL 10w3v3 or 10w6v2

    Hey everyone, I'm kind of new to this, but I really need help. I am trying to figure out which of these JL subs I should get for my car. I drive an '08 Civic Si coupe and have the setup in the trunk facing into the car in a somewhat slim sealed box (it has a mount depth of around 9"). I am more...