1000 watt amp

  1. bs199sg

    Sony Xplod 1000watt not turning on

    So I just got my used 2007 Ford Focus the other day and wanted to install a better sound system. I bought some Kicker 6x9's and installed the 4 of them into my doors. I got a pioneer x3500ui. I installed all proper cables and such. I got a Sony Xplod 1000 watt amp and a 800 watt 12' Pioneer sub...
  2. weedy

    4 12"s 4ohms drop to 2ohms

    I have 4 kicker comp 12" subs and a 1000w SSL evolution monoblock amp thats 2ohm stable. i want to spread 1000w throughout the build, puting 250 watts per sub. now i want all the subs to run off the monoblock at 2 ohms, how would i go apon wiring that.?