10" sub

  1. Qbenjamin

    FOR SALE JL Audio 10W6v2 D4 (Like New)

    As the title states, I'm selling my 10W6v2D4. This sub is in excellent shape and was recently re-coned to replace all internal soft parts (you'll need to break it in accordingly). Sad to part ways with it, but I went with another setup due to the length of time it took to have it repaired (was...
  2. A

    Four 8" Subs vs 3 12" Subs

    I have a - DOWN4SOUND JP95 - 1500W RMS 5 CHANNEL AMPLIFIER - Which can do : RMS power, 1ohm for CH5 BASS CH: 1212 W x 1 (From independent testing - Big D WIZ) My rear cargo area measures: 43L x 22h x 16d = 15,136 = Cubic Inches 15,136 / 1728 = 8.759 Cubic Feet I am deciding upon doing 4 10's...
  3. NugzNsubs818

    Need help deciding between 2 subs and need amp for sub?!?!

    Hey there, So I have a 2016 Kia optima daily driver and I am looking to add a single 10” subwoofer up to 1000w rms that takes up no more than 1.5cu ft space, I have $250 for sub and was looking at either the Sundown SA-10 v2 1000w 2 or 4-ohm or Fi Xv3 10” 1000w 2-ohm.... I mainly listen to...
  4. T

    Suggestions Please.

    I'm very much a noob when it come to anything past OEM's and IEM's so, and i know nothing on reliability and quality of brands, Im looking for real suggestions that area as non-bias as possible. I"ve got a daily driver, with a new head unit. which made me want to upgrade the system a bit. The...
  5. Where I started

    Where I started

    In the beginning I just had a 4 channel amp and a single 10" sub.