10 inch

  1. loknload

    Looking for 10" SQ Subs

    This is my first post in a while, but here I am, looking for subs again. I'm looking for a pair of 10's in the SQ realm. They'll be run off of 500 watts at 2 ohms sealed in about .7 cf each. I need a mounting depth under 5 inches and I really don't want to pay over $250 per sub. They're...
  2. Blake Vandercar

    Subwoofer dilemma - 12" sundown doesn't go high enough, 10" kickers don't go low enough, what next?

    I had a 12" Sundown SA-12 . Now have 2 Kicker CompRs. Both times, in sealed boxes. Of course, all forums say that Sundowns are always better than Kickers. However, I now like the 10" kickers much better due to having a much wider frequency range (30-500 Hz) whereas the Sundown really failed...
  3. I


    Hey everyone, I'm pretty new to car audio, and I have some questions on mono amps and subs. I just purchased 2 10 inch subs.  They are the Polk Audio DB 1042 SVC.  It's a 4-ohm sub with single voice coils.  I also purchased a sealed box for these subs...
  4. AllDayMJ

    WTB 10" ~300w RMS sub

    Title says it.. It's for an FRS. Don't have much power (300w RMS @ 2ohms), nor space ( likely .77ft^3 sealed). Trying to stay in the lower price range ( For a frame of reference I was looking into a new 10" RE SRX but wanted to know what CA had to offer. Also: I have a Powerbass ASA1500.1d to...
  5. CivicRF

    JBC Sub Specs? & Pictures!

    It's a JBC (just be cool) 10" 500watt dual voice coil sub. I got it for free from my girlfriend's dad who was a huge bass junkie back in the day. I know it's probably not good quality but it was free, and if it blows up, then oh well, I can get a new one. The sub came with no box or instruction...