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Could use advice and opinions on speaker mounting and placement

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I could really use some advice on this as I'm trying to get the doors wrapped up and the interior pulled out this weekend. I asked about it once in my build log but didn't get much of a response so going to give it another shot here. I built these little boxes to mount my 8-inch mid-range to the door in, but I feel like they are pretty small considering prv recommends roughly 1.5 cubes per speaker, but with that said some of the door pods I seen people build on YouTube or way smaller than this so I don't know how well they will work in here. I could definitely add some polyfill to make it seem bigger for the speaker or could possibly vent it into the door by cutting a hole in the back of the box, and then seal up the door, but I'm not sure how well that will work because with the way my door is it will basically just be a random hole in the back of the box. could probably get roughly a 6 inch circle somewhere behind the speaker. anyway here's some pics of what I built. please let me know what you think.ed07b1894929d4142479b620cd5ac3f7.jpg67d950fa0add369dd1218c0b84969a79.jpgfe6fcdd223e3ff1d4e797e0164b42ac9.jpg08ca851129c10a80c3adad2332798546.jpg77fc13a13e8e1bfc94b74c1ed32e00dd.jpg


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