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Kenwood bluetooth issues

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Hey all! I have had a Kenwood KDC BT562U for a couple years now. It has tuner, bluetooth, cd, aux, standby, iheartradio and Pandora sources. This morning I turned my bluetooth on my phone and started my car like I always do. Instead of pairing automatically, my head unit only reads "AUD DISCNNCT". I deleted my phone from the device list and unpaired it from my phone. I've gone through the pairing process at least a dozen times but my Kenwood won't save the phone. It doesn't show up in the device list. I downloaded the update from Kenwood's website for the bluetooth and installed it but no change. I also noticed my pandora and iheartradio sources no longer show up. Anyone else experienced this?

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might have died honestly


pull the headunit out and see if the bluetooth module is seperate from the unit, sometimes they're on a usb extension instead of being internal


the the usb fets failed (happened to me in the past) stuff like this happens

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