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Poorman's car audio

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Hey there. I'm new to the site, but want to share an innovative car audio installation I did for a friend.


He was unlucky to get robbed from his car sound 3 times in 1 month. He was fedup and asked me if I don't have a plan to stop them from stealing his head unit.

This is what I came up with:............



As most of you know, sound comes from an integrated circuit called "amplifier". A small chip with lots of potential. Now, I collect old audio and visual electronics for my hobby of building weird combos to repurposed the " rubbish" most people throw out.


So, I had a problem to work out how to stop the idiots from stealing his head unit.

Anti theft- No

Electric shock- No


Either way, his car Wil get damaged, coz they can see the expensive head unit


I rumaged through all my audio junk and found a few complete amp circuits I harvested from an old treadmill, a home theatre system and a few old head units.

I got the idea to completely cut out the visible head unit and replace it with just a USB port, an aux port and a power/volume switch. He was sceptical, but I surprised him.


1- The USB,aux and power/volume switch, made up the initial "head unit". But all it was, was just an amp circuit with the respective inputs.


2- Then, I needed to get decent, clear sound to the 4 speakers. The input circuit, had 2 outputs for 2 speakers, but splitting it to power 4, would get poor sound and strain the chip.


3- So, I took each output from the 1st circuit, and added another circuit. (So, output 1 has an amp and output 2 has an amp).

Thus , each output now powers 4 speakers or 2 channels .


4- I then checked the data sheet of each amp ic to work out the watts it puts out to see how the pioneer amplifier and subwoofer works in relation to the already amplified sound.


5- After some minor changes on each circuit, replacing a capacitor here and a transistor there, it was time to power up and set the pioneer amplifier accordingly


The result, jaw dropping sound, played from a flashdrive, amplifying 2 channels which, in turn amplifying each an amplifier circuit that runs into the pioneer amplifier, powering 4 speakers and the subwoofer.


We took a drive through town, playing some decent trance. Bass was hard, but not a single vibration from any mounting( like one would get from most cars, where all the trimmings vibrate and all you can here is rattling of windows etc) .


We stopped by a traffic light, music loud enough so we have to use sign language to communicate , when a Honda civic pulled in next to us and begged us to show him what we have done to get such clear sound output.


We first looked at his setup : Sony Xplod head unit, 40watt mids, 150watt 6x9s, tweeters, 2000watt amp, 10" Sony subwoofer and a capacitor that looked more like a camping lamp for very dark nights when the fire dies. A total cost of R7680 and a further R2500 installation.


He couldn't believe his eyes when we showed him what I did.


Goes to show, a simple setup with some research and improv with circuitry, can save money, drop jaws, pop eardrums and stop the thieving freeloaders from stealing your stuff.


Its not competition standards, but it can keep a street party going for hours, or until the cops come and break up the fun, because neighbours are too stuckup to have a good time.




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Very interesting idea. I'd love to see the schematic if you would be willing to share. I like the odd ball stuff like this.

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Or buy a car alarm.


Pics of invention?

97 4 dr. Tahoe

Interstate battery

Alpine 9835

Polk Audio MM6501 comps

Wolfram amps coming soon, 3000.1, 125.4

2 Sundown Audio X 15's Tuned @ 30Hz.

Knukonceptz/Royal Excelene wiring

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You must live outside the US cuz I would be camped out with some guns if I was robbed more than once.


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