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12" TL Sub Enclosure - Free - SoCal

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I have a transmission line sub enclosure I'm giving away for free so I can get it out of my garage. This is a tapered design that runs from about 150% Sd to about 50% Sd for a typical 12" sub. The line length is around 84-86". This is a fully stuffed TL that has a tapered stuffing that is denser at the beginning and tapers off near the end. Acousta-stuff was used. The enclosure is made out of 3/4" MDF with a 1" MDF piece used for the front panel.


The enclosure is carpeted and has a fake suede type of material on the front. It was made to have a trim piece on the front but that was broken off and I'm not sure I have it anymore. A new trim piece could easily be added if desired. I believe the subwoofer cutout diameter is around 11 1/8". Approximate measurement is 84" x 16" x 15"


This has been sitting for a while so it is a bit dirty. It was sitting up on the left side in my garage and may have gotten a small bit of water damage to that side. This shouldn't really have much of an effect on the sound.


I'm located in Garden Grove, CA. Not looking to ship just going to give it away to the first one who shows up to take it.





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i'll take lol my buddy actually needs an enclosure for a 12 in his build.

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