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Massive Audio N4

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Item(s) for Sale:

Massive Audio N4 2K RMS Monoblock





Item(s) Description/Condition: Minty Fresh. Bought from GBob2003. No scratches, scuffs, or marks of any kind. Will ship with original box with foam inserts and UNWRAPPED manual. Does have 4 Gauge inputs. Really frickin tiny.







I do not have paypal

Local Pickup will be a bit less if possible.


SAZ-2500 or SAZ3K Plus Cash On My End For Either





Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information:

Shipping USPS WITH insurance from 41042.





Item Pictures:





FeedBack: FeedBack:Bought from 22mountaineer, Gbob2003, and Slim2FattyCake

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Just an :fyi: if you can fit it in a flat rate it will ship anywhere in the U.S. for the same price, whether it be the town over or to hawaii

I'm not sure if I'd be able to properly pack it in it's original box inside a flat rate. I've never used one but the box is a little larger than the amp to accommodate the foam inserts to hold the amp securely. I will look into it if necessary. Thanks though.

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interested in this amp as im looking to pair up a new sub w a 2k rms amp. is this still available? pm me a price shipped to 14606 if i can find a buyer for my 2 channel i'll take this in a heartbeat


$225 Shipped Conus. If you come up with the cash, shoot me a pm.

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    • By morespl25
      I just picked up a massive audio PA100 amp. Im having trouble finding any info or specs online but it appears to be a pretty solid built amp. It came with 3 x 30A fuses and the amp its self is pretty large/heavy. If anyone could give me any info or opinions about this amp please help me out! thanks
    • By davidtemple
      Item(s) for Sale:
      I have 2 sets of each BNIB...
      RK6 Comp set- $225
      RX6 Coax - $175
      Item(s) Description/Condition:
      Brand New in Boxes
      RK6 Comp set- $225
      RX6 Coax - $175
      Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information:
      RX6 2 way coax 400w/200wRMS 92DB Sensitivity
      Weight 23.00 Pounds
      Speaker Size 6.5
      Tweeter 25mm Silk Dome
      Cone Glass Fiber
      Sensitivity 90 dB
      Frequency 65-20KHz
      RMS Power 50-200w
      Peak Power 400w
      Impedance 4 Ohm
      Crossover 6 dB Internal
      Basket Cast
      Depth 2.75"
      RK6 2-way component 500w/250wRMS 92 db Sensitivity
      Weight 25.00 Pounds
      Speaker Size 6.5
      Tweeter 28mm Silk Dome
      Cone Glass Fiber
      Sensitivity 90 dB
      Frequency 65-20KHz
      RMS Power 50-250w
      Peak Power 500w
      Impedance 4 Ohm
      Crossover 12db External
      Basket Cast
      Depth 2.75"
      Item Pictures:
      (List pictures in this section, 1st picture should be your username/date if you have less than 10 positive feedbacks with the i-Trader system or less than 10 references that you have sold to in the past. (These must be listed in your signature, or a link provided to a feedback thread listing these references)).


      I have a few references / feedback on here over 130 on Diyma - LINK
    • By gnesterenko
      I was dead set on using Shiva X-2s in my setup. However the June ETA date came and went, and now Kevin tells me that his manufacturer is basically non-functional and no eta on when/if new Shivas will be made. So I need to pick between my alternatives (unless you are lookin to sell a 12" Shiva in good condition :P).
      Enclosure: 1.5 cu ft sealed fiberglass box (fitted for trunk side, stealth-install style). cutout for 12"
      Power: JL Audio HD 750/1
      Focus: Sound Quality* >>>> SPL
      Uses: Bass and beat heavy music - metal, trance, techo, raggae, hip hop, rap, dubstep, grime and any other name you've got for something that gets low and grimy and fast. BUT ALSO, a lot of prog rock and 'hi-fi' tracks. Think Tool, Pink Floyd, occasional classical music. Needs to handle these and shine doing it.
      Front Stage: JL HD 600/4 driving 4x HAT Imagine I61-2 all around. May upgrade to Clarus or L6 setup at some point.
      Price difference for the above 3 options is not a consideration.
      * What SQ means to me: "low noise floor, inaudible levels of distortion, good tonal accuracy, good dynamics, and good stage/image." (a quote i lifted from another forum that really hit the nail on the head for me). Keeping in mind the application of said sub in terms of music types. Another way I like to define a high-SQ set up is that it has a 'warm' sound... vs harsh. I know that's even worse a term then 'SQ' to begin with, but for anyone who plays bass, its the difference between a Mesa Amp/Cab or possibly a high-end Peavy, vs something like Hartke or even SWG. Played with a Warwick Thumb bass. Hope that makes sense...
      Posting from work, so need this disclaimer:
      "The views expressed here are mine and do not reflect the official opinion of my employer or the organization through which the Internet was accessed."
    • By olds97_lss
      I just bought and installed a NX4 (100w RMS x 4 @ 4 ohm)amplifier in my car to replace a Kenwood KAC-8452 (70A RMS x 4 @ 4ohm) I was running. When run relatively hard/loud, it seems to heat up and the protect light comes on. I tried to match my speakers with an amp that was at least as high output RMS as the speakers can handle, which the NX4 is.
      I'm using the following in a 2007 Mercury Grand Marquis:
      Massive Audio NX4 with plenty of space all around it (except underneath it as it's sitting on the carpet in the trunk)
      Kicker 4 AWG from battery (with inline fuse)
      Kicker 4 AWG from amp to ground (18" or so using a 3/4" bolt to a sanded surface and appropriate connector
      Kicker 4 AWG on top of stock battery cable to battery and to ground, pretty sure factory was 4 gauge to alternator and 2 x 6 AWG to ground (was odd, not sure why Ford did that)
      Kicker 4 pair twisted RCA's from HU to amp (5/6 pairs for possible future sub)
      Kenwood KDCBT945U head unit
      16AWG wire from amp to speakers
      2 x Polk Audio DB571 front speakers (70w RMS - 4ohm)
      2 x Polk Audio DB691 Rear speakers (100w RMS - 4ohm)
      It runs hard for about 30 minutes playing Ozzy then the light comes on. Is very hot to the touch. Will take my IR thermometer with me to work tomorrow so I can see how hot "very hot" is.
      I didn't notice any headlight dimming when at idle when I had it running hard. I think my car has a 135A alternator and it's still running the factory battery.
      I took a look at the manual and it just said that a blinking protect light means a fault. Guessing that means a shorted wire or something somewhere. Didn't see anything about a solid red light being on, which is my case. Assuming that means it's too hot.
      Don't get me wrong, it does way better than the kenwood did, goes louder and runs longer. The kenwood running less loud shuts down into a sudo-protect mode of what sounds like 75% (maybe less) output volume after about 10-15 minutes, but doesn't shut all the way down. Was odd, but can't find any real info on it as it's an older amp. I can't believe how small the NX4 is compared to the older kenwood. Easily half the size. Maybe not enough heat sink?
      As it is, I just turned my gains on the NX4 down a bit (probably at 10% from minimum now) and took note of where I had it on the HU (32 out of 35).
      I'm not sure how to measure the RCA outs on my HU or where the gains need to be set to best match it. Do I just rely on the manual for the HU then adjust the gains by eyeballing after doing the math on .2-5V that the NX4 manual states?
      My point is, according to my speakers (since they aren't on fire and/or are still working fine), I'm not running them too hard, but really if the amp puts out 100W RMS, then my front two (70w rms max) should have been distorting or something and they weren't.
      It is stupid loud and sounds really good, but I replaced the kenwood because it appeared to have a thermal issue. I was hoping a bit stronger (and newer) amp would let me run it as loud as I want to tolerate with a little extra headroom so I wasn't running the amp at red line.
      Or, am I just expecting too much out of a $200 amp and $150 worth of speakers?
    • By massiveaudio
      “Massive Audio’s NEW “Volt” Amplifiers Now Shipping!”

      Jump In, Buckle Up and remember to “Keep Your Ears Inside Your Ride at All Times.” Everyone knows that California is going to fall into the Pacific Ocean sooner or later, so before it goes you better power up one of the three NEW “V” Series Power Amplifiers from Massive Audio California USA a leader of the 12 volt industry for over 13 years!

      Best Describers of the V500.2, V1000.4 and the V1000.1

      All three full range Class AB, CEA 2006 Certified amplifiers boast advanced Digital Switching Power Supplies, Nickel Plated RCA Connectors, Speaker Level Inputs, Advanced Operation Protection, Switchable 18 dB HP/LP Crossovers with an adjustable range of 50Hz -750Hz, Real-time Internal Sub Harmonic Filters, Staggering Output Power and all with less than .1% THD!
      All of these features are mounted in a beautiful smooth aluminum “finless” heat sink with four cornered hex bolts that unscrew to reveal mounting tubes. This allows the installer to either bolt down or stack the amps with that clean look. Top it off with the classy Massive Audio Trademark soft blue centered logo and you will want “To wait until your music comes to a complete stop before exiting your ride!”

      Model: V500.2
      Channels: 2
      Max Power @ 14.4V: 250w x 2
      Dimensions (LxHxW) in: 9.3 x 1.9 x 7.8
      MSRP: $249.95
      Model: V1000.4
      Channels: 4
      Max Power @ 14.4V: 250w x 4
      Dimensions (LxHxW) in: 11.8 x 1.9 x 7.8
      MSRP: $369.95
      Models: V1000.1
      Channels: 1
      Max Power @ 14.4V: 1000w x 1
      Dimensions (LxHxW) in: 11.8 x 1.9 x 7.8
      MSRP: $369.95