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Question about 6x5's for my Acura TL

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Hey all, I'm looking to get some quality 6.5's for my TL, right now my stock speakers are component 6.5 in the front with a 3" center speaker and a stock 8" sub in the back. The sub rattles and the 3" speaker i'm not sure makes much of a difference


That being said, I'm looking to get 4 6.5" speakers, 2 component for the front and coax for the back, looking for something nice under $400-500 preferably for all 4.


Since I am a bit new to this, I was wondering if anyone might have some input on what to get, right now i'm currently thinking about going with Memphis


The amp i'm looking to go with is my old Kenwood KAC-8402


I also just found my old Infinity Kappa's in the basement :suicide:


Any help would be awesome!

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Also I forgot to add that I am not using an aftermarket deck

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stay away from kenwood amps,theres alot better amps out there,

what year tl so we can look up the mounting depth?


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The only reason I was going with kenwood is because I already have it and i'm not looking to spend a ton of money. If the right deal came along and I didn't have to spend a lot to replace it with a better one I would love to though


I have an 05 TL

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