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HOLY HELL!!! (Review of Kicker L7)

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(Let me get this out of my system first)

(Deep Inhale)



(Deep Exhale)


Okay. Time for "Da" Facts.

I'll divide this up into sections.

Introduction: Well... Be it as it may. I have only had these subs for *looks at watch* three hours. And also, my position is that the subs I had before these were two 10" Infinity Perfects powered parallel up to a RF Punch 800.2. But the upgrade from that was truly and amazingly impressive. I'll be basing mostly all of this review subjectively (opinion) rather than objectively (facts). Well here you go. I'll include my opinion on SPL impression, SQ impression, and other things.


My impression of it's SPL output:

Holy Cucumbers!!!

Where do I start? Well. I was utterly amazed by how much air it moved, how much it rattled my car, and how much it just plain hurt (literally, I still have a sore throat). So after I had it installed, I drove out of their parking lot, down the street, and was in the turn lane at a stop light ready to go onto the highway. Well, what a novel time to try out my new subs. (Note to Zane: I was not turning up the stereo at the stop light to be annoying to the people by me. Just really eager to see what my subs could do at a stop.) So I turned on my HU and started turning up the volume. I was at 35 out of 60 volume playing Can I Get A... by Jay - Z. Holy Cow!!! Everything in my car was rattling and the windows were shaking like nobody's business. It is hard to describe the experience but the only way I can really describe it is that there was a 10.0 earthquake under me and there was a 20 foot fan behind me. It was very very very impressive. They put my old 10" Infinities to utter shame. Overall, these subs put out more power and pushed more air than I could have dreamed. If any of you guys live in California, be prepared to get owned by me at the competitions. :) "They don't make them square for nothing."


My impression of the SQ capabilities:

Well, Dang! I was actually impressed with how accurate the SQ was. I am not sure how they do it (it might be the titanium cone) but the sound was darn clear for a 15" (actually comparable to an 18" sub). They were a little less clear than my Infinity Perfects. The Kickers definately made up with it in SPL though. The one thing I was disappointed with was that they did not really pick up the low notes well at all. I was trying a 20Hz test and it was not even picked up. It was as if the speakers did not recognize the frequency. That is perhaps the only drawback of the subwoofer. Pretty much everywhere from 30Hz-120Hz the speakers pounded like there was no tomorrow though. Not having the 20Hz notes is not that back though because it is rare that a speaker has to play them. (Usually only on tests or 2 second clips in few songs). So. Overall. The SQ was very good, comparable to an 10" Infinity Perfect actually, however, the only thing that it lacked was the inablility to play the very very low notes. I recommend that if you get these that you put them in a sealed box. That is where they really shine. This really brings out their SQ and you really do not lose much SPL.


The Amp:

I am using a Kicker KX1200.1 Class D amp wired parallel to my speakers. Gives me all the power I need and then some. Whoever installed it got a bunch of scratches on it and so I am going to have to get it replaced. I also use a digital capacitor.


Other - Overall:

One things that I must say is that with the optional grille, these speakers really look mean, and I like mean. The square design looks really cool in my opinion as well. It is a real eye catcher. Surpasses many of the subwoofers that I have heard. The SPL of this speaker is breathtaking and the SQ capabilities are amazing as well. The only drawback of this speaker is that it does not reach the low frequencies. Overall: Great sub. Hardly anything that needs to be improved. If you are looking for power without sacraficing a lot of SQ then this is the sub for you. I am very happy with this buy. A+ Sub.


- Thanks for reading my post.

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Very nice review!


Pretty much covered it all in depth with your own personal thoughs as well as the technical "abuse" tests.


(Dont worry Arcane- even I am guilty of a little showing off when I first acquire new gear- everyone is, and those that say otherwise are lying! :D - The human psychy demands as much!


I just dont make a practice of continuing with it, as that is where the problems begin.)


Again, good review- very informative!


take it easy,



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Sweet review, makes me want to go out and buy one, thank goodness I cut up the credit cards. I have seen one L7 15 hit a 151. Let us know your system hits. Later

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nice review arcane.. all performance of the sub were completely elaborated.. congrats dude!

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:::goes out and gets a job to buy the sub's:::


From what it seems these things pump out some sick bass for rap songs, wonder how it will handle my nice NYC Hardhouse beats!! =) Good review man, thanks!

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