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MA Audio HK 1397

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This review is for the MA Audio HK 1397 2-channel (1600 Watt) amp. I have been using this amp for about 2 weeks now and i am impressed. I got it from my friend who used to push 2 15" L7's with it. i have it pussing 1 12" L7 (i have it at 2 ohm=700x2 with only one channel on it). this amp is clean and very powerfull. i also have a 16v cap so it get it's true power. this amp is very good for the money, i mean it's no Kicker or hifonics but for the price it's great. I would buy another for if i needed the extra power. The only flaw i have found is before i got my cap it did not seem like i got full power cause there rated at 14.4 volts and my stock system only runs at like 11. but with my cap it make up the difference and this is a pritty good clean powerfull amp.


Hope this helps anyone with is looking at this amp......Matt

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