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hi guys i just bought one a brahma 12" (2ohms DVC) and i bought a Hifonics Titan TX1505D to push it with, but i need a box to put it in , if all else fails ill go with a sealed but i wanted to know wich design you guys have found to be the best since im sure many many people have ask for a brahma box in the past i saw this link



but dont know wich one would be good for my sub, i also saw this box and it looked good but dont knwo how it would be for the brahma since it was designed for a MT


what do you guys think, please help me out thanks!!!!!!!



oh and i have room restrictions max demisions on hiegth is 15" width is 35" and depth is 26" cause this is going in a 2004 mach1 :crazy:

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Sent you a PM. How close are you to VA beach?

replyed, im on the NC/TN state line, long way from any beach :crying:

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i'd go with 2.5 cu ft tuned to 28 hz. (what i had my brahma 12 in)


tune it higher if you want a little more output.




[Head Unit] Eclipse CD-5100

[Amps] Arc Audio 1500-XXK, Arc Audio 4150-XXK

[EQ] Arc Audio XEQ

[Rear Fill] Boston Acoustics SL65

[Front Stage] DLS Iridium 8.3i

[subwoofer] DLS Nobelium 12

[Dampeners] Hushmat, Cascade Audio Deflex

[Wiring] Kicker Hyperflex, Audison Interconnects


Refs: Slickrick, Moe Lester, 3.5Max6spd, 6Spdcoupe, Kpr10is, Vincent9515, NisAznMonk, etc etc

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My Brahma 12 is in 2 CUFT tuned to roughly 31 and it sounds great. I would say any of th 2 CU boxes tuned from 29 to 32 should work well on that page. I'm sure 2.5@28 would be very nice as well if you want to give up that much room. I did 2 cuft for space reasons.

Two dolla holla!!! just paypal me!!! i'm a fat m4n wh0r3

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