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Main question is , i listen to mostly rap and rnb, how much better is the w3 oppose to the w0 . quailty? hard hitting lows? etc. does a W0 still have the Jl quailty? i know the W3 is better, but for the dollar how close is the W0? Can i build my box to spec for the jl w3 12 , and put my W0 in it in case i dont like the w0 i can upgrade to the w3. by that i mean , i know a to small box for the sub mounted on it is no good, flat ugly beats. can you build a box to big as well and lose potential? or would it sound the same as if i built it to spec for the w0. kinda new at this. would appreciate some feedback! thanks.

How much power do you have to push the sub?

A W3 @ 300 watts will sound great but a W0 @ 300 watts will probably sound like smoke after some time at that power level.

If you only have 100 watts for the sub, you are probably better off with the W0.

If you have 300 watts, the w3 will be reliable and louder than a W0 at it's reliable 150 watt level.

i got ganked a while back they got my 1000 watt crunch amp kicker cvt alum. any who i currently have a sony xplod 3/4 chan. 600 wat. i have about 250$ to play with. i already have my w0 and the sony 600 wat amp. i could up grade the w0 to the w3 and get a amp. but for the money ill drop what do u think. and what is a good amp for a decent price? and would the w3 at 300 wats sound that much better then me pumping 100 to the w0? i mean idealy. the w3 set up to the T . how much better is that gonna sound oppse to the W0

Which version W0 is it?

I'm guessing that running your Sony in 3 channel mode will give you 300 watts for the sub. (If we are talking continuous power)

If you are careful, you might not blow a W0v3 with 300 watts. But I would make plans for a replacement if I were driving a 10 or 12 w0 with 300 watts.

The W0 is Ok if you only pay $50 for it. I ran 2 on a soild 500 rms until I learnt about real woofer companies. The only JL subs worth having are the W6 for SQ and the W7 for a little bit of loud with your SQ. The W3 is just average and thats putting it in the $150 catagory were it belongs.

how is continuous power determined i dont understand the terminology?

and haze before you went all out. were you pleased with the two w0 at the time. and 500 wats to each sub or 250 a piece im guess 250?

the w3 is decent. Depending on what youre paying, I'd go with it over the w0. Only subs I'd ever run from JL Audio are the w3 (budgetish and sound pretty decent),w6 (SQ all day) and maybe the tw5 (slim n sexxxy)

and tbh i dont member the model on the w0 12 i order its at a buddys i paid him cash to order off amazon. i usally always amp everything. but iordered a double din Boss BV9360B head unit. will that be enough to power some 3.5 boston aoustics and jensen 6x9s . ? or should i amp that out to. will a w0 or w3 drown them out?

My buddy kept on me to just trust him an i would be satisfied . so im going to find out. i got two WoV3 12 jls. gonna be powered by kenwood 1000 wat d mono amp. (cheap yes but heard good reviews and as far as ampage its enough.) with a premade to spec for jl 12 w0-3 what do you think bout this box?premade to spec for jl 12 w0-3 looks pretty legit i think espically for 70$. check out slide show. has inside of box pic Amazon.com: R/T 300 Enclosure Series (328-12 JL) - Dual 12" Slot Vented Sub Bass Hatchback Speaker Box with Labyrinth Power Port for JL Audio Subs: Car Electronics

just save a little and get the w6 im running 2 13s, and they sound amazing, and most people can't believe what they are when i bump them, they get pretty **** loud.

well for my sake i hope your wrong lol. but if its a authorized dealer will they take exchanges.? i know kicker did. but then again isnt there only like a few real jl authorized. oppose to i know alotta ppl authorized for kicker. at least from what i heard bout jl .

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