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    WTB JL Subs (W3's or W6's)

    Looking to buy 1 or 2 W3's, or 1 or 2 W6's. Don't need a box or amp, just the subs. Must be a 12" unless you will include a box for anything bigger/smaller than 12". I have $250 to spend. Will go higher depending on what the offer is. If anyone has a W7 who's willing to get rid of it around this...
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    Alpine Type R 12" or JL 12W3 for a sealed enclosure

    Hey all, im new around here and searched through the forums without finding the answer im searching for. I am finally adding a subwoofer to my car and i know i would like a sealed enclosure. The two main subwoofers i am considering purchasing are the alpine type r 12" and the JL w3. I know they...
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    W0 vrs W3

    Main question is , i listen to mostly rap and rnb, how much better is the w3 oppose to the w0 . quailty? hard hitting lows? etc. does a W0 still have the Jl quailty? i know the W3 is better, but for the dollar how close is the W0? Can i build my box to spec for the jl w3 12 , and put my W0 in...