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***Special Limited Time Pricing Offer - Sign-up Now!***

The long awaited vendor memberships are now available! Anyone on the forum who is an individual seller, small dealer, box builder, on up to a large car audio manufacturer, etc. will definitely be interested in what this membership has to offer. It will not only make managing your sales easier, but give you more prominence and visibility on the site to potential buyers, thus most likely increasing sales.

Below are the noted benefits of a Supporting Vendor membership:

*Your username is bold and a different color, with a special logo beside your username to let other members know you're a Supporting Vendor member.

*Your own unique forum! Your forum can allow customers to ask questions, get quotes on projects or items, or allow you to post information about your business, etc. Having your own unique forum will give you much much more visibility on the forum and thus potentially more sales and revenue.

*Your customized company/site logo at the top of your forum and vendor forum pages, to add even more visibility and branding for your company.

*Upgraded signature size and image limits, thus giving you more freedom to promote your business in your signature.

*You can customize your profile page, such as font, font color, page colors and background image, to represent the look of your business, or to stand out from the rest.

*5000 limit private message box! Regular members have a 150 message limit. You can also send PMs to up to 10 recipients at a time, via the PM system.

*You can post your business ad in your signature with a link to your business site.

*You can post your business related car audio for sale threads in the corresponding classified forums.

*Your classified threads will be prefixed with "Vendor", so members will know your classified listing is posted by a Supporting Vendor and will also make it much more visible within the other listings.

*You can post threads in a special Supporting Vendors forum. In this forum, you can include product discounts, contests, prize giveaways, etc. You can also open/close your threads in this forum.

*Threads automatically update when a new post is made, eliminating the need to click "Reload" or "Refresh".

*And much fewer ads! **When it's possible technically wise with the forum software, vendors will see NO ads at all.

If you're ready to upgrade your membership, it's very easy. It's really just a point and click and once you're finished with providing payment, your membership is instantly converted over to a Supporting Vendor membership, with no wait at all.

To proceed:

1) Goto the "Forum Settings" page. The link at the top right of every forum page that says "Settings".

2) On that page you will see the usual links on the left column of the page. About half way down the list, you will see a link called "Paid Subscriptions". Click that and it will pull up the sign-up page.

3) Select the payment term from the drop-down menu. At this time, we only have a monthly subscription, that is automatically recurring.

4) Click the "Order" button and you will be forwarded to PayPal to complete the payment process.

5) You're now a Vendor Member!

6) If you opted for the vendor account that provides you with a forum, please submit us the title for it (your website name or business name only) and a 20-words or less description of your site/business that will go below the forum title.


*How much does it cost?

***Special Limited Time Pricing Offer - Sign-up Now!***

The monthly charge is $49 USD, recurring via PayPal subscriptions.

***If you don't need your own forum, which we highly recommend getting, you can get the version with no forum included, for only $25 USD monthly recurring.

*Can I post an ad in my signature and URL going directly to my sales page, or website?

Yes absolutely.

*Am I allowed to start new advertisement threads in random forums that are solely for the purpose of sending traffic to my sales page, or business website?

No. This is considered spam and would deter other members from using the forum. You are however allowed to post threads in a special vendor only forum, in which you will have access to as long as you're a vendor. Remember also, that you can post threads in the classifieds, selling your items.

*Is there a limit to how many items I can post for sale in the classified forums and vendor forum?

No, you can post as many threads as you wish in there, as long as they abide by the forum rules.

*Can I post items for sale in my own unique vendor forum?

No. Your forum is for customers to ask questions, get quotes, installation assistance, receive discounts from you, etc. All items you sale on the forums should be placed in their corresponding classified forum.

*I need all the vendor membership benefits, just not really the forum that is included. Can I sign-up for a vendor account that does not include the forum?

Yes, although we recommend getting the forum included account, since it gives you much much more visibility on the forum, you can sign-up for the no vendor forum account for $20/month, at the same sign-up URL as above. You still have all the features and benefits of the regular vendor membership, just no forum.

Can anyone sign-up for a supporting vendor account and create a forum for their business?

Although we have the right to refuse any membership, the cast majority of members are welcomed to become a supporting vendor and create a forum. A member who might not be admitted to vendor membership status, might be one who is not in the car audio industry, does not sell car audio products, or is in direct competition with this site.

Do I have full control over my forum?

Yes. Once your forum is setup, you will be appointed moderator of it. At that time, you will be able to stick threads, open/close threads, delete threads and make edits.

*This isn't for me, how do I cancel?

Cancellation is simple. Just cancel the subscription in your PayPal account and let us know you want to cancel. Your membership will then be converted back to the previous registered member status and you will lose all features/privileges of the vendor membership.

*Do you offer refunds?

Unfortunately, we do not.

If you have any questions or discussions on anything in this post, please see the following thread here.

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With the implementation of the new vendor system we have decided to take a stronger stance on harassment and slander against other members. With that being said, we are going to have to ask that everyone remove any negative information in your signatures. If you have any questions about this please contact any of the mod staff or the admin.

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