St. Judes TNESPL 3X Charity Event

k3n12ock Elite
10+ year member
Jun 30, 2009

Event takes place on Sunday June 29th, registration begins at 11am, runs start at noon.

$40 entry, Trophies for 1st-3rd. There will be raffles, including a DC Audio 2.0 amp. More Details to follow.

Syracuse Customs

9037 Brewerton Rd.

Brewerton, NY 13029

This is an annual show, every year is a blast with a great turnout from all over the Northeast. Not to mention all proceeds go to St Judes.


Slobalt Elite
Aug 8, 2013
East Coast
I wish I would see stuff like this closer to pa


MrFoca Veteran
Nov 2, 2013
I wish I would see stuff like this closer to pa
See if a local shop could do a event like this. I'm sure someone would


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