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when I was 14 my brother in law's friend came over with his new MTX subs and coustic amp. That was the first time I had sat in a car with bump. I fell in love with it and the rest is history. That was 12 years ago.


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I was in my friend's car and he had tow sony xplod 12's with an infinity 400w amp. I liked it bunches //


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hmmm well when i was 12 i kinda got into audio, and my family has been in it forever, we owned a shop and all that kinda stuff. I guess you could say i was born into it.


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got started when i heard to kickers 10s sealed (one w/the k -red &amp; black front) running off my friend reciever - back in early 92 area


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Well, my story is kind of long but it pretty funny.

I got into car audio like 2 months after I got a car. I had a stock tape deck in my van and basically I thought it was useless because I only had one cassette worth listening too. So basically I did the ghetto rig cd player (the discman with the tape jack and cigarette lighter deal, wires everywhere). Well, one day I decided I could play with the tapes eject button (don't ask me why). I kept pushing the tape in and out thinking it was fun, well as you probably are all are thinking I broke the stupid deck. The edject button got stuck inside the radio and basically my tape got stuck in the deck since it couldn't come out without the edject button.

This wouldn't have been a bad thing if the radio would have worked. The thing is with the tape permenantly in there, the radio wouldn't turn on so I had no tunes at all. I one day pried the tape out and basically got the radio to work somewhat. Everytime I hit a pot hole the radio clock would blink and the radio would skip (seriously it would skip). Well, i proceeded to buy a new tape player since I destroyed the stock player. So I went into the circuit city and saw that their car audio display wall with all the CD players and speakers and I was like "OH ****". Car steroes are big around here back then so I was unaware of all the thing people can put in their care. I bought a CD player and basically that day I was injected with dose of the car audio drug and I had to get more.

What really got me going though was when I heard my first subwoofer in a car. I mean I was like wow, this music sounded so alive (I was looking at the infinty 12 inch). Like after a week of installing a subwoofer system in my car, I was bored in class one day and typed just for the fun of it. As it tuned out there was forum dedicated to car audio and I heard about all the different products out on the market. So now two years later, I basically redid my entire car stereo like twice and I am still curious.

So the moral of this story is don't play stupid games with your stock radio, it can cost you thousand of dollars and hours on the internet in the long run. My Dad to this day believes that I did it on purpose but in reality it was a accident that I came to like car audio. //


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Mine was when i took a trip to Pheonix AZ about 2 years ago heard this girls system and it sounded bout as good as she looked and i have been wanting a system ever since. I just couldnt keep a car long enough to have one. Now all that has changed. And to Arizona--- IM COMING HOME SOON!!! 602 - 126!!!


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When I was 16 my dad bought me a 91 Mazda B2200 truck(brand new at the time...and yes I'm old!) that had nothing in it.. no mirrors, no radio... and no antenna! I could care less because it was a truck! So it was up to me to by the "extra" stuff like radio, rims, antenna, etc. I couldn't really afford to pay somebody to do it so I installed everything myself. At first it was just a radio and speakers.. then I went out of control... I don't want to talk about it.


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Since i was 12 and my older bros friends and him always had sum kinda car audio **** goin on in my garage we always had sumthin to work on i use to help them with every thing so i just was brought up into it by my bro and his friends

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